We Were Featured in “Arlington Today” Magazine!

As this Arlington couple builds it, people are coming Benson and Anna Phillips would be the first to proclaim their affection for Broken Bow, the delightful southeast Oklahoma retreat that has proven to be a favorite of R&R seekers from DFW. The rustic cabins were a frequent stop for the couple when it came time […]

Survival Guide for First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX

Attending the world’s largest flea market, is the experience of a lifetime.  Here are some key tips to make this the most enjoyable experience for you. Come on Thursday or Friday – Not Monday: One hundred years ago, “First Monday” actually took place on a Monday, but that is no longer the case.  First Monday […]

5 Reasons You Should Pack Your Bags Right Now For A Vacation

Chances are, whoever you are, you’re in need of a vacation. From the stresses at work to the wear and tear you endure physically and mentally on an everyday basis, life can leave you drained. A good vacation is the perfect antidote, offering the promise of rest, relaxation and romance as well as an escape […]