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As this Arlington couple builds it, people are coming

Benson and Anna Phillips would be the first to proclaim their affection for Broken Bow, the delightful southeast Oklahoma retreat that has proven to be a favorite of R&R seekers from DFW.

The rustic cabins were a frequent stop for the couple when it came time for some romantic refueling of their own. What they most enjoyed: the privacy, the rural beauty, the tranquility. Just one thing bugged them after a while, though: the three-hour-and-change drive from their Arlington home.

So five years ago Benson and Anna, high school sweethearts who met as missionaries in Africa, made a rather bold move in solving this pesky little nuisance. They began building their own cabin getaway, hoping to give area vacationers a quicker route to paradise.

The Philips’ Hackberry Creek Getaways offers all the luxurious trappings – the exquisite cabins, the upscale ambiance, the romance of nature right at your doorstep – of Broken Bow.

Excluding the drive.

Just head east of I-20, just beyond Terrell and you’re there.

Hackberry Creek offers three wallet-friendly cabins peaking out from wooded lush on 33 acres. The place is so forested with statuesque East Texas trees and opulent foliage you’d swear there’s no cabin – or a living, breathing soul, actually, within miles.

More are on the way. Next up is a unique tree house cabin nestled across a fountain-spewing pond. No matter how many cabins pop up on the property, you won’t be able to detect that one, either, until you cross a suspension bridge (to be built) and come right up on it.

“We want to make sure the cabins can’t be seen from each other,” Benson says. “Privacy is one of the things we really want to maintain.”

Benson, a home healthcare professional, and Anna have lived in Arlington for nearly a dozen years. Two of their four boys attend Martin High School’s STEM Academy.

Hackberry Creek has been a family affair. Their boys helped build the deck where renters can now sit and take in nature’s beauty – in complete silence.

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